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Having your computer(s) free of spyware, viruses, and protected against them is essential. It is your right as an individual to have privacy when using your computer, learn how to ensure this is happening here!

Not only will you be protecting your rights, but you will be speeding up your computer by keeping it free of ad-ware, spy-ware, and viruses. Most people ask the question "Why me?" or "Why would somebody want to know what kinds of websites i got to, why would hackers try to mess up my computer? Why?" but asking questions does not solve your problems. Usually it is not personal, they dont really care about you, they just want to make money by promoting their products, or learn how you use your computer so they can target you better with advertising to try and seperate you from your dollars more effectively. They are 99% of the time doing this by illegal means! Would they want you poking around in their computers, doing whatever you please to them? NO!!! So why should you have to put up with it???

"You don't have to!"

I have created this website to help people learn how to keep this garbage off your computers, and protect your rights to privacy like any patriotic citizen would, do not let these computer corporations infringe on your rights, do not let them trick you into digitally signing your rights to freedom away! Find out how to keep your computer free of spyware, ad-ware, viruses, and how to keep them from getting in in the future, all that and more right here!

I will be bringing you new tips, tricks, and useful free utilities to help you do this on your own all the time on this website. I will not tell you to download my software, however i can assure you that the software i post on this site will get the job done, without cramming your computer full of crap until its so slow you want to buy a new computer. This site will be a useful resource to you in your struggle for such online rights and freedoms, and will help you learn on your own, to do so. I wish for every computer user or owner to have the knowledge to not only protect their rights to privacy, but to keep their computers running efficiently. It is mainly because of people who don't know how to keep their computers secure and efficient that viruses and worms spread so quickly across the internet. These days, just by having software in your computer, a hacker can use your computer, and many others to relentlessly attack web-servers and in effect "knock them off the internet" by using thousands of people's computers to flood a single computer with information until it crashes. The scary thing is, this happens all the time. By having your computer comprimised by such people, you are according to the law "guilty by association" and can be prosecuted if somebody uses your computer for such activity, with or without your permission. Nobody wants to suffer consequences of a crime they didn't commit, protect yourself today!

This website will be expanding all the time to meet your needs, and to be able to bring as comprehensive an understanding to give a beginner the understanding of an expert in as little time possible. I will be completing two new guides in the near future for people of different levels of "computer literacy" to effectively learn how to limit, and ultimately prevent spyware, worms, viruses, and any other software you do not want on your system from getting there in the first place, and if you already have it, how to remove it. You should be able to access them from the menu bar on the left side of my website.

Here you can find all sorts of useful information about (and links to) extremely useful free utilities, cool online-games, personal computer security information and how-to's, and various tips/tricks/advice. Here you can learn how to make your computer more secure from hackers and free of spyware, protect your sensitive personal information, boost your computers performance, and even learn how to protect your online information better by using better passwords, and much more to come!

I will personally rate and compare similar Utilities/Games/etc upon request, and will be happy to try and help you with any computer security or other related problems.

Eventually I will have a wide range of convenient utilities for any computer related problem or other annoyances, many tips and tricks to make sure your computer is secure from malicious hackers and various harmful exploits, boosting your computer's performance, awesome free web-based online games, and other tips, tricks, or advice.

*Site construction delayed indefinitely!

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