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As you are reading this, it is likely that there is an 80% or greater chance that your computer contains spyware or viruses that are either designed to monitor your internet browsing habits and "phoning them home" to a large advertisement corporation so they can learn to target you better, and further infringe on your rights to online privacy, or are designed to allow a hacker to control your computer, and either damage the contents of it, or use it to commit online crimes and or vandalism against other computer systems, while giving all the blame to you, or all of the above!

I have taken a deep look through many friends computers, and noticed MULTIPLE instances of such programs, that allowed corporations or individuals abilities to do things that they DID NOT GIVE THEIR CONSENT TO. This is illegal, and not only is it against the law, but it wastes your precious time and money, because most of such software often greatly decreases the efficiency or speed of your computer. Many times i have seen a brand new computer be reduced to the speed of an obsolete system by such programs. Now you are probably thinking as you read this "How could this happen", or "Why would people want to do this to me". The fact is, whether or not you can see any reason for people to do such things, THEY DO IT ANYWAYS. It rarely has anything to do with you, it is due to their own agendas, and the only way to stop this from happening to you is to keep such software out of your computer by any means possible. Chances are you have some software capable of doing at least one of the above things already in your system. What you need to know is you dont need to install some sort of expensive fancy programs to get rid of, and prevent these programs from being on your computer, its really just a matter of simple precautions, and using a few free utilities to protect yourself, and your computer.

How would you feel if you became aware that your computer right now, was being used against your will to attack the website of a large corporation, and cause thousands or even millions of dollars of damage to them? How would you feel if on top of that, people were spying on every website you visit, every program you have on your computer, every key you press on your keyboard, and either collecting personal information on you in order to impersonate you without your knowledge, or to develop means of advertisement to annoy you and personally target you, thus infringing on your basic rights and freedoms as an individual, for privacy?

My guess is that you would not like this one bit. You can learn how to prevent this from happening to you, and how to stop it from happening once it has, and which it in all likelihood, is happening to you right now. There is alot you would need to know in order to be as protected against such things as you have the rights to be, but you dont need to know alot to protect yourself enough. Most powerful hackers can get information from you whether you have $5 software installed on your system, or $50,000 worth of security software installed, and so in theory it is not feasible to protect yourself 100%, but you can however at the very least cut down your chances of this happening to you repeatedly.

The methods to protect yourself and your computer that i will focus on in this website will not cost you one single penny, and will not take a huge amount of your time either. You wont have to pay a computer technician to remove spyware from your computer, or speed it up to how fast it should and could be running at, provided you spend a little bit of time here learning, and in the end, you will save time by doing so. The seconds you spend each day waiting for something to load while you sit, not doing much besides waiting add up over time, and by removing spyware programs, or other programs that slow your system down to a crawl, you will save alot of time. And whats more, doing so is simple, and you do not have to be a genius to do it. This website is how i intend to bring the required knowledge to you, and so you can begin protecting yourself immediately.

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