System Performance Tips

System Performance Tips Section is under construction!
this place is under construction so i will just give you a few general tips for now:

Tips for any windows system:

  • Disable Startup Items you dont use
  • Disable unnecessary system services
  • Uninstall programs you don't use and/or need
  • Clean up your hard-drive
  • Rather than have big files on your desktop, put them somewhere else and link to them
  • Regularly run Scandisk/Defrag on your drive

Tips for Windows XP Home/Pro:


Disabling Services:

With disabling Windows Services, first just Stop the service, and restart. if it doesn't cause any problems, you can then either keep it stopped and set it to manual, or disable it entirely. Warning! if you stop essential services it can cause big problems, you might have to use the Restore configuration console thing that requires the windows xp install disc, then enable the services again, or cause other problems as well. Check out for recommendations, its got descriptions of what each service does, and tells you reasons you should disable the services. However, if in doubt, don't disable! I recommend using the settings from the "Safe" column for either Windows XP Pro or Home, use the one that corresponds to your version or problems may occur. DO NOT DISABLE DNS CLIENT OR DHCP CLIENT! I did this and it caused all sorts of problems, and it was difficult to re-enable them. It's not worth the hassle just to save the small amount of memory they take up.)
  • Open the system services utility, services.msc in the "Run" box, and disable unnecessary services, such as:
    • Indexing Service
    • Messenger Service (the internal network message service, not the chat program)
    • Other services that you dont use.
  • Disable unused ports in Device Manager
  • Change the settings of your IDE devices. Find out how at this site!
  • Change your display mode from 32-bit to 16-bit color, you wont tell a difference anyway.
  • Remove orphaned registry entries with a registry cleaner program
  • Check out and try some of the registry cleaning programs there

More to come eventually!

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