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Webpage-Making help is one of the hardest things to get these days, just about as hard as getting help for high-level programming languages, and so, many people are clueless as to what to do to make stuff work.

This site under construction, lol.

  • HTMLHelp.com
  • - a great place to search up syntax for anything HTML, when to use it, where to use it, and what it does for you. Check this out, It's a must see for webpage-makers!
  • Brian Wilson's "Index DOT" Page
  • - THE place to learn how to easily implement various CSS or HTML commands and their syntax. If you as into CSS as I am, you will need to read this to become competent at CSS very likely. It helped me learn what I was doing here, and in no-time I got all i needed to know from this place.
  • Quick Link to Index DOT CSS
  • Quick Link to Index DOT HTML
  • The W3C's CSS: Level 1 Website - A good index of everything CSS, a good place to get an in depth knowledge of the workings and use of CSS. If you have alot of time to spend this is your place.

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