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November 3, 2004: Massive Update and Relocation

Update: Picked this website entirely off of my previous web hosting location,, and decided to restructure it entirely, this Security site is now only a small subset of my website now instead of the main focus. Im thinking of hosting the site of my computer, or possibly a better free web hosting location instead.

November 3, 2004: Site Plans

Site Plans: I've decided that i dont think i want to host my website on anymore, i am tired of their 250kb filesize limit bullshit, tired of them changing my quota from 20 to 50MB without asking me, even though they are called, you would think such a site would actually give you your 50 MB, wouldnt you? Well, whatever. This site is going to go thru HUGE changes, this site is going to be integrated into a main website that has this one just as a subdivion of it, so that i can better seperate my subjects better, having a computer and internet security page as a subset of my main site seems more logical than having such a website and then all these nonrelated portions like a games section attached to it and stuff. Plus im hardly getting any traffic and when i do, i cant tell that i am because's counters are stupid and display 1 for each visitor to the site. Way to go, you've taken a solid concept like allowing people to see how much traffic a website generates, then screws it up with your ad indertion software and decide it would be easier just to count how many times a particular user lands on my site, brilliant!

May 2, 2004: Update, and News

Did some work on the Information/Tips page, including Spyware/Viruses: Detection and Removal. Update: It seems theres still virtually no traffic to my website, but i will keep it up, i am sure eventually people will find it to be a valuable resource and will tell their friends.

News: I am now home for the summer, i go back to university in the fall, so maybe ill do some work on this site before i go back, perhaps.

February 9, 2004: Update Update: It seems that KaZaA Lite K++ has been long ago shut down, you cant get the download at their site anymore, so i updated the link to it in the Internet Utilities page.
November 9, 2003: Update Update: Today I added the "Online Privacy: Why and How-to" on the Information / Tips page. Nothing much else is new, didnt feel like doing much after that article, it was rather large. Replaced some dead links to stuff that was under construction as well.
November 8, 2003: Update Update: Today I added the "Online/Offline Security: A Beginner's Guide" on the Information / Tips page. Did some minor cosmetic changes to the page, fixed some links, text, and made slight style adjustments. I am thinking of changing my main body background to a light color with a dark body text, but im not sure so far, im just worried about how legible the text on this website is, i find it fine, but some people might not like it very much. Tell me what you think in my guestbook, of any page style suggestions you have.
October 27, 2003: Update Update: Today I added a few useful (or must-have, i would say) utilities onto the Utilities page so that people can have them. I had to clean up the downloads page a bit, and re-organize them into their respective categories, big whoop. And as before, nobody visits my website. Why people visit my games website which is practically useless and about nothing, i do not know, but i wish they would visit this page as frequently as it.
October 11, 2003: News News: I get back home for thanksgiving, and finally i get to figure out why my parents computer has gotten slow as hell and fix it for them. turns out they had the Nachi virus, not too damaging, but sure hard on the performance. This virus is incredibly easy to get, this computer NEVER gets viruses, and my parents don't even download things off the net. I suggest any of you who are experiencing slow performance and receiving alot of pings from foreign sources go check it out at once. The virus adds some services to your computer and makes a c:\windows32\wins\ directory i believe, it also makes DLLHOST.EXE and SVCHOST.EXE appear in your task list, in capital letters. these are name spoofs of the real system files dllhost.exe and svchost.exe, and should be killed off. Go run your anti-virus, and search up about Nachi virus on google if you end up having it! Network Associates site tells you how to deal with it very easily.
September 4, 2003: News News: Im in University now, just started my first classes today, computer engineering proves to be herd to register for, all the courses i needed were either full at first or cause a timetable conflict. its not bad so far.
August 25, 2003: News News: Wow, where did the time go! I'm off to University soon, so I wont be able to update the site for a while now. I'm kinda out of ideas and time as to what to put on my website as well, so I've kinda stopped updating it. I've been thinking of trying to set up my own online game, but I haven't learned how to set up my own Apache Web-Server yet, and i have no idea when I'm even going to start on it, I have however laid down the basic ideas of it, yet I still dont know how I am going to get it to actually be a massively multiplayer online game yet, i know nothing about accessing other files on the site, account databases, pretty much I know nothing about the part that will make it work, and the parts that make people be able to keep accounts, how I can let people create accounts thru an html client, and no idea how to make it a secure web server to-date. Perhaps if i learn some CGI i could start making some progress.
July 26, 2003: Update Update: added some entries to the information and utlities sections, cleaned up the sloppy job i did a few days ago to just get some of the main structure of the site off the ground.
July 22, 2003: Update Update: added some entries in the information page, soon to work on utilities!
July 21, 2003: Update Opened website today, construction now underway, no entries in the utilities, online-games, or tips/tricks section to date. Stay tuned!
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