System/Security Utilities

Here you can find various links system utilities that can do such things as improve your computers perfomance, security, or otherwise allow you to tweak your OS.

  • WinGuides An easy way to find common and effective tweaks, hacks, and other easy ways to make your Windows-based computer work better, or less annoyingly. A good place to find out how to change all sorts of stuff for the better in Windows.

  • PowerStrip Is your screen too dark to play some games comfortably, or do you want a more advanced control over your computer display? Then this is the program for you! It's free, powerful, and very compact, and has virtually no compatability issues. * However, be careful as you can make your monitor stop displaying altogether if you specify a setting your monitor can't handle. (but you can still undo it after a restart if all else fails) (*May cause some DirectDraw or Direct3d video modes to stop functioning, look up how to re-enable them at

  • RegProt - manages your registry and instantly informs you of entries being modified. Useful to prevent unwanted access to your registry (ie. a trojan horse, keylogger, or virus infecting your system)

  • SpyBot - Search & Destroy (by pepiMK Software) - A very powerful spyware scanning program, one the most widely used out there, available free, however you can make a small donation to the author if you feel guilty at SpyBot S&D's Homepage

  • ZoneAlarm (Free Edition, by Zone Labs) - A easy to use and still quite functional free firewall for your computer. It allows you to track the internet usage of the programs on your computer, and each time a new program tries to access the internet, it halts it until YOU decide if you want to give it access. Great for preventing unwanted program access, keyloggers, port scanners that probe your computer for security holes, trojans, viruses, and harmful exploits. Includes free updates, which you can configure to you liking. This is a great program, but i do not recommend using in conjunction with another firewall, unless you only use one of them at a time. If you plan on playing online games, you may want to disable it, as it will slow your internet speed somewhat, but the same is true for any firewall, it is necessary to ensure no unauthorized access to your system can happen. REMEMBER: NEVER USE MULTIPLE FIREWALLS AT THE SAME TIME!!!

  • AVG Antivirus (Free Edition 6.0, by Grisoft) - A very popular, effective, and easy to use anti-virus program that although has limited functionality, does the job required, and gives you free updates, so you dont have to buy a subscription to be protected against the newest threats. This program will even prevent a virus-infected program from being executed while AVG's scanner is running, and informs you immediately to run a scan if it finds an infected file. This is a very useful program, and i would personally recommend it to anyone, although its functionality is a little limited, ITS TOTALLY FREE! Few other anti-virus programs can say the same, and even fewer can provide near as efficient protection. I find it to be better than most shareware programs, and it is freeware! Very impressive.

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