Entering File Access Section

Here you are able to access my Fileshare and Image Hosting, or even upload files to them.

How It Works

Uploading access is limited only to those i trust, but downloading access to my private fileshare is available, you just have to ask me for the username and password and agree to the above conditions. You will not find any passwords on my website. You can ask me for this by email, guestbook, or forum, and i may email you the password.

*Notify me by guestbook or email if you are unable to upload certain filetypes and i might enable this.

Legal Bull For Downloading/Uploading/Accessing

In order to access my Fileshare or Image Hosting, you must agree to accept all repsonsibility for any legal action that may occur as a direct or indirect result of your use. you agree to accept full responsibility for any related legal action. by clicking the links below and obtaining access to my Fileshare or Image Hosting shows that you agree fully with these terms, which are subject to change whenever the heck i feel like it, for any reason at all. Your IP will be logged, and some other tracking related information merely for legal purposes, which i will not re-distribute unless obligated by law to do so. But i doubt that will ever be happening. If you do not agree with these terms, do not click the links below, and do not log in, instead, turn around and get outta here!

*If for any reason someone wants me to remove any of this uploaded content please request me to do so in my guestbook, forum, or email.

The Links

*If you proceed any further, you agree with the above terms.

Browse the Fileshare - You Must be LOGGED IN AS 'fileshare' or 'upload' to access this item.

Upload - You MUST be LOGGED IN AS 'upload' to access this item.

Browse Public Image Index - You do NOT need to be LOGGED IN to access this item.

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