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Welcome to my online games section! Here ive got all sorts of crap about a couple of games i play or used to play, and i even am planning on hosting my online game im going to make in the future here, plus ive got a open-source browser-based PHP game called "Promisance" set up here. It works, but the email validation doesnt work yet so you dont get confirmation emails, but i can enable new accounts manually.

My Online Games:

RedScourge Promisance - Play Now!

Online Game Tools & Files

This section is being delayed until further notice.

RuneScape - Screenshots, various game formulas, etc.

Astrowars - Data tables, formulas, tools, strategy, etc.

Online Gaming Links - Real-time space strategy game! hard to learn at first, extremely challenging and fun too!

RuneScape - Full 3D real-time MMORPG by Jagex Ltd. loads of fun!

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