Astrowars Section is under construction!

Here i have posted some useful stuff that i have created as a result of the existence of a great massively multiplayer online php game Astrowars

Heres some stuff ive made to make learning to play the game easier and better, so far:

  • RedScourge's Astrowars Tables - A better version of the tables than you will find at the astrowars FAQ, i made this using java console, i made a program that stores all the values in an array, and outputs them, while nicely tucked inside html wrappers, so that you can see a very nice and neat table format :p I have also included the formulas used to generate these values that i know as well. I might add other others when i determine them

*If you know things that would be useful if added to this page and would like me to add them, leave me a message in my guestbook!

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