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Welcome to my website! I set up this webserver on my own, for free! Thanks to free webserver programs like Apache HTTP Server, and free sub-domain address redirect services such as Thanks to these organizations, and others, I am able to run my own website on my computer for free. The features I have at my fingertips could cost as much as $50/month from a professional web-host, reseller, data center, or other web-host facilities. Sure theyre not all that expensive, there may even be some free web-hosting companies out there, but they don't have one feature I need that I cannot do on my own, plus I have complete unrestricted control over this server.

The main purpose of this website is for sharing files, information, and experimenting with databases, web design, and web scripting languages. The website you see right now is hopefully going to become obsolete whenever I get around to creating my new content management system, which should actually look nice, unlike the current one.

My Free Site's Features:
  • No filesize/database size limitations (besides my hard drive)
  • Access to any web-scripting languages I install on my server, such as PHP, Perl, and more.
  • MySQL Database System, easy and quick to manage worldwide thanks to free GUI-based database interfaces such as phpMyAdmin
  • Complete remote administration through any web browser thanks to VNC server apps like TightVNC, or thru any Windows computer using Remote Desktop
  • No ads! (unless I want them that is, and if I do want to use ads, the money goes to ME!
  • Easy to find technical assistance, web-scripting language tutorials, free scripts, and other software by searching on Google

So far, I have a Computer & Internet Security Section, Online Gaming Section, a Jokes & Humour Section, and more as I add it. I was working on the Computer and Internet Security section for a long time and decided to integrate it into a more wide variety website to expand its usefulness. I've had like 3 or 4 personal websites for the last few years. It's not only a hassle to have them all over the place, but I find that free web-hosting sites are always a let-down, so I finally got around to setting up my own server where I don't have the annoying ads or lame restrictions they all seem to have these days. As you can see, I am virtually limited only by my ability to think up something I could possibly need, and the amount of time I dedicate to make it happen, and procrastination. You don't have to use expensive (or pirated) software to do anything you see here.

Due to some of my ISP's blocking port 80 or using dynamic IP's, I have to use a sub-domain redirect address which I obtained from to allow me to link my changing IP address to a domain name, and since it cant necessarily use a static IP or run on port 80, i cant qualify my site for a standard domain name, but this does just fine!. No-IP offers a free utility that links my computer to their DNS servers, and every time the IP address of my system changes, the sub-domain redirect name they give me is automatically updated, allowing me to run this website from any regular "Home/Family" broadband Internet connection. Some people doing this on a windows system might appreciate ram clearing tools like MaxMem by AnalogX, which lets you free RAM at any time if the system starts performing poorly. Usually the only time I restart is if I make system settings changes, or grab software updates. As this server operats as a VMware virtual computer on my main system, sometimes i shut it down when I am gaming or whatever, though that might change in the future.

As you can see, almost anything you could possibly need in order to set up your own free webserver is at your fingertips and in most cases, is either inexpensive or entirely free! This makes me believe that ANYONE with some programming and security know-how, (or with a geek friend), can do what I have done here. Although I would not recommend a server setup like mine for a high-demand professional webserver, it works fine for personal sites. If you decide to set up a business, and to use these excellent tools that I have mentioned on this page, please be aware of any licensing information, and do the right thing. If you are making money from having a website that runs off free software, please either donate to these organizations, or pay the licensing fees they suggest and/or support their efforts in other ways, as they have supported yours!

Feel free to send me an email, maybe you could give me some suggestions for some more sections for this website, have further questions about setting up a website such as mine, or you have something you would like added to one of my existing sections.

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