RedScourge's Login System, By Mike N, 2005.

Implemented Features:

  • System-wide access level configuration - to control who can see which pages.
  • Integrated mini-login bar appears on all integrated pages - users can login from anywhere on the site and instantly have access to member features
  • Ability to customize menu links according to user levels - features only accessible to certain members are easily able to be integrated into the menu links for them when they come online.
  • Secure passwords - passwords are stored in an encrypted fashion, i.e. even the administrators and moderators do not know the users passwords, why would they need them anyways?
  • Much more to come in the future - for now i have to time to improve this system however

Planned Future Features:

  • Automatic login into any online games or any other members-only sections of the site
  • Customized visual themes and other user preferences
  • Personal Profile - Let everyone know a little about yourself!
  • Content Management System- users can submit a stylesheet and a PHP/HTML document for inclusion on the website, and allowing moderators/administrators to compose entire site sections to improve this site
Skin Selection:

Blue Curves
Space Age
Cool Blue (Default)


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