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Oct 15, 2006:

Havent been able to make myself to any work on this site in the longest time. Im currently enrolled in the DBA fast-track program at SAIT in Calgary, AB, and im hoping that this course will help me to learn more about databases, so it may give me more motivation towards web development in the future. The problem is every time i look at this site as it currently is, it makes me not want to touch the damn thing because its so horribly hacked together, hard to look at, full of info i havent updated in ages, full of outdated information, and mainly useless for the most part. I need to start developing my online games, but i need to make a new content management system before i attempt to do any game programming, as the games i want to make are far more complex than a content management system, and if im going to have games, im going to need a REAL website to display/market them on.

March 23, 2006:
Game Fixes, etc

Did some fixes in my Promisance game, some really stupid things were going on that i failed to notice until now. Updated the game guide a little bit with more detailed info, and info on some stuff i changed. Made it more fair and balanced for how many players are currently playing.

Currently working on a live-chat built with only PHP and AJAX. Having a hell of a time getting it to properly accept HTML in the AJAX-requested message responses, and getting weird error messages in Firefox's Javascript Console as well. So far the plain-text chatting seems to work 100%, but when you post HTML it screws up, oh, and messages you just sent get printed twice. later i will add chat commands, smart html tag/attribute parsing (to remove javascripts, etc), and will implement a moderator/admin system. eventually to be tied into my website somehow, but for now, it will be completely seperate, as keeping bug-prone masses of code apart is always a smart thing to do :p

March 15, 2005:
Several Fixes

Updated from php 5.0.4 and from mysql 4.1 recently, and i just noticed a whole bunch of functionality on my site broke! finally got it all fixed, i think i may have stopped almost all the error log messages for the RedScourge Promisance game pages, made it so my website actually aligns things properly in Firefox (long overdue!), and updated most of the issues with all the site skins so they more or less make all pages that i know of on my site fully readable and all that. My CCNA certification expires today :( im not gonna rewrite it its a few hundred dollars, plus it didnt help me get a job or anything.

Im really getting tired of screwing around with this lame file-based content management system, most of my php work im experimenting now are just using empty html files because its easier to work with still, and theres no change the buggy thing will get screwed up by my contentbuilder scripts. hopefully ill have my plans finalized for my database-driven CMS soon, and i can start using that instead.

December 19, 2005:
Not Much

Havent done anything much on here lately, when i get off work im tired and dont really accomplish much. Seems none of the good places i apply to bother to respond, and the few who do end up not hiring me anyways, so im stuck with a crappy job that takes up my time and makes me not likely to do stuff on here very often.

October 15, 2005:
Big Problems

It seems my website has come under fairly heavy problems lately, such as:

  • Chinese hackers running DDOS attacks on my site
  • Somebody downloading all my files off my downloads page at once
  • Microsoft spidering my website and filling my error log with entries, because they seem to think i use .html files
  • My server becoming unable to deal with the extremely large traffic and filesystem load.

As a result, ive had to restart my server system twice in the last two days, which is something ive never had to do before, and when ive done so, ive noticed my pagefile was approaching 100% full. This is no good, and it may result in me taking my site down until i am able to stop these things from happening.

How i am going to fix these issues:

  • Done: Block the entire ISP range of the people from china who were attacking my site
  • Not Done: Finish my new Content Management System (CMS), such that it requires less filesystem access and uses more database access instead, thereby relieving my filesystem of these burdens, and allowing me to place stricter control on portions of my site, such as my download system (daily download limits for example)
  • Done: Upgrade from Windows 2000 to Windows XP and lock down the filesystem better this time

For the time being, i would just like to remind my visitors that this site can go offline for any reason at all, and the more problems i run into the more times i have to restart the server, so please help me out by not downloading huge amounts of my files off my download center, as this seems to fill up my pagefile quite quickly

August 26, 2005:
Minor Login System Update

Now, when you log in from a page on my download center (such as a search results page), it passes the entire query string with the page name, so you dont have to re-do your search if you log in on a search results page. Now, only POST-data driven pages will not retain their full data when logging in on my site, of which there are currently none.

August 23, 2005:

I've been busy these last few months, especially in the last two weeks ive been working on a new Web Site design for Papageno Resort (update: this page has been overwritten since with an ugly one, figures!) in Fiji, thru, which is the first Web Site I've ever designed for money. It went well, and soon, maybe in the next few days, it will be online, replacing the old one that they've been having a great deal of trouble with. Nothing too complex, just a flat HTML website complete with 54 pages, and complete with a very simple and efficient div-layer based dropdown menu (the most browser compatible dropdown method I could find).

June 27, 2005:
Database-Driven Content Management System Plans

Today i have finally come to a decision as to the operation of my website, and i believe it would be a worthwhile project to explore the creation of my own database-driven Content Management System (CMS) to power my website. I've grown tired of all the flat-files i have laying around which control my website, and would like a more flexible and clean way to be able to control the organization, style, presentation, and performance of my website. This new system will allow me to administrate my content alot easier, will eliminate the need for such extensive file access restrictions on my server-side, and will be alot more flexible and simpler to create new content pages, as well as retrieve them. Wish me luck!

March 23, 2005:
Cool Blue!

Today, i completed my new site skin, i call it "Cool Blue"! its probably the most wicked skin i have ever made for any website, ever, and i believe im going to replace it as the default skin to this site, since my original one has some complications with it, and also looks too dark to some people. Those of you who find light coloured themes look more professional, here you go, i did this for you!

March 1, 2005:
Security Fix

Just realized that my login system was open to a vulnerability, whereupon if someone managed to fake a PHP session somehow knowing the proper information, they would be able to effectively 'log in' to a privileged user account without knowing the password. took appropriate action to plug the hole, which is good incase my site is someday subjected to more exhaustive security tests as it is presently being subjected to (which is virtually none).

February 26, 2005:

I got a sudden inspiration at about 2:30 in the morning as to how i could implement a system that allows viewers of my site to pick a skin to view my pages in, and have it dynamically handle it and apply it to all pages until the cookie expires, the user clears their browser cache, or my ip address changes (whichever comes first). i finished it about 2 hours later, and since i had created a new skin earlier, i decided it would be cool to port that skin to my site layout so that it can be used on my main site! after a few trial and error experiences, i finally got everything right, and now look what i got! wicked! users if they so desire are now able to make their own images and CSS stylesheet files, give me them, and with minimal changes i should be able to set them up on the site for all to use. of course i doubt that will happen because 99% of the people who visit my site are webdesign-illiterate. to make such a skin for my site, one would have to take note of the currently used css files, and how they affect my entire sites content. i believe that most of the stylesheet information i have made is simple enough for someone who is good at CSS designs and image design to make their own skin for my site. be a hero and be the first to submit a skin for my site today!

February 19, 2005:
Minor Updates/Fixes

Over the last few months ive been doing a very minimal amount of work with my website, and ive more or less neglected doing any real work on it until the sumertime, since im in university and i dont have the time management skills to both pass my courses AND do this stuff. Over the last while i have basically just been fixing old problems nobody has noticed since i dont have any source of getting feedback from users of this site, and nobody really explores around it or looks for problems. I recently got new hardware, my brothers girlfriend's family got a new computer so they kindly gave me their old one, which is more recent hardware components, but it was not too much better than my other system, but after taking the cdroms, hard drives, and RAM out of them i was able to make a much better (in my opinion) system and the performance of this thing beats the CRAP out of that of my old one. now i got 192 MB of RAM, and that makes a HUGE difference it seems. My ISP is still actively trying to block my server ports, and so lately ive had people not coming to the site, since its not always online and i dont remember to reconnect once or twice a day to get past it. I can hardly wait for the summer when i will hopefully be able to permanently move this system to my parents place where their ISP arent a bunch of jerks, so thats cool. This is of course provided i can pass my courses, if not, i wont be able to afford to get a new computer, but i will be forced to stay at their place and get a job, so i will still have the server set up better i guess. Fixed a few issues with my upload scripts, made them incapable of overwriting existing files, and somewhat tightened security on my New Login System so that some of the registration form fields cant be messed around with, by creating a form-validation class, although its not perfect i dont have time to be doing anything to make it more secure and i dont really have any threats to it since nobody hardly comes here. Also, my hit counters are page-specific, and in the future i plan on hopefully putting in my script that protects it from page refreshes or visits from the same link from the same user within a specified time period. I wrote it a while ago, just havent had the time to build it in yet, its fairly complicated due to the way it has to be plugged into all my pages from my content-builder class.

January 19, 2005:
Login System

My New Login System is ready for testing, so far i think its got some fairly secure features in it, it doesnt let you add html tags in your name or any of your use data, and it properly escapes all characters as expected, or so it seems. i would appreciate if everyone tries it out as much as possible and report any possible errors you may find as soon as possible, such as specific page failures, unexpected behaviour, etc. Since i havent tacked on alot of features yet, it should not have much wrong with it, however, the forgot password, change password, and some other loginsystem-specific pages may not have content in them, as i havent finished making them yet.

January 12, 2005:
Game Progress

Today i put the finishing touches (i think) on my custom turns script for RedScourge's "Promisance" and so it should work reasonably well for any who wish to give it a test! Promisance is an open-source game that you can download from the that is full of bugs up the ying-yang for windows systems or anyone not running PHP as a CGI Binary, but as a module (i.e. most Apache servers) and so it stupidly requires a crontab job by default when you get it, and also has alot of nice little errors, most of which are due to its PHP3 based construction. This version i have made should work for PHP 4 or 5, which ive run it on with success so far. Some features may also be nearly infeasible to include as well, but i have pretty much completely made the game not give me any more error messages and made it work, or so it seems. If i could get some people to test it that would be excellent, i really would like to know if its fully operational or not.

January 7, 2005:

New Interface Completed! Features Include:

  • Able to wrap all content pages (besides server generated indexes) in my interface and menubar
  • Able to use unique or default top and bottom pages (like if i wanna build a login system into my top page, hint hint! :P )
  • Able to have unique counters and traffic logfiles (perhaps) for each of my folder directories (i could make counters on EVERY page if i wanted but i dont wanna!)
  • Better overall appearance
  • Easier to administrate in the future
  • Easier to standardize site design, yet not too difficult to make exceptions
  • Makes me 32% happier with my knowledge and application of HTML/PHP/CSS
  • Wasted only a few hours of my time in exchange for saving hours later
Finally, i have conquered the problem with the phpBB forums where if my domain name differs from that in the phpBB Configuration section, the login redirects the user to the wrong domain after login, by adding the line "$board_config['server_name'] = $_SERVER['SERVER_ADDR'];" after the while construct "while ( $row = $db->sql_fetchrow($result) )" at line 217 in the file "common.php".

In english, this means that when my server IP address changes (My home DSL account's IP changes every time i disconnect and reconnect) my phpBB forum will still work, unlike almost anyone else, that is, if there IS anyone else who runs a phpBB forum on a DHCP DSL server setup. My ISP continues to try and block my server port, and i keep asking my friends if they can access my page, but hopefully my ISP will bugger off soon. Now, at least, all i have to do is restart my server app, and change my port number, and the port number on my redirect URL,, and my server runs fine again.

January 6, 2005:

Been working on a brand new interface that would make my webpages simpler, and break me free from the iframe setup. So far its been going fairly well i think, but im still a far way off, as it seems in order for me to set this new system up, i need to re-do every page on my site pretty much. Everything finally is working as it should, and now i go and try doing something like this, go figure. My ISP started blocking my 8088 port to try and shut me down too :(

January 4, 2005:

Havent updated the News page in a while, but alot has been happening since the last entry, so ill get to work on it now. Basically, i've come to the conclusion that as long as im hosting this site off my computer with this ISP, its gonna be impossible for me to use a mail server to send automated email messages to people, such as forum account info, game account info, or anything else that one would normally use a mail sever on their webserver for. Also, ive been working on an online game. In other news, ive been working too much on this stupid site and as a result i did crappy in my last university semester, so this semester, i am gonna have to lay off quite a bit on that, since its not gonna do me any good in my studies.

November 26, 2004:

Update: Total restructuring and redesign of the File Access Section and all related pages. Fixed links, updated stuff, changed directory hierarchy, made things simpler for users to understand. Also added a new feature to the main page that allows using a "page" parameter that dictates what webpage is shown in the iFrame (main viewing pane) on my site index page. Now its easier for me to give addresses to people if i want them to visit a particular page on my site. Other minor cosmetic touch-ups, and stuff. Dont think i fixed any spelling errors, i still got alot of those around :(

November 19, 2004:

New Page: Jokes & Humour Section - Jesus Christ: The Freshmaker added today, its pretty bitchin, check it out. The humourous (but true i swear!) story of how Jesus is my buddy and we went to school together and stuff about him. If you ever wondered which nicknames people make for him that both him the most, finally your questions will be answered. Me, having experienced personally how Jesus reacts when people refer to him by these many nicknames, have brought public for the first time in history, just how much he hates those nicknames you crazy people call him.

November 16, 2004:

Update: My phpBB forum no longer requires user validation to activate accounts, so you dont have to worry about the email error it will give, you, disregard it entirely infact. Updated the menus and stuff on the Security Site and the Main Site, i think it looks much cleaner now, and they both use roughly the same code as well now.

Also improved the php-scripts on the index pages so that they now use includes from a single source rather than having the same script written on each page, now i can change the code from a central location instead of changing it everywhere when i change stuff. Super-Wow!

November 11, 2004:

Update: I set up a phpBB2 forum finally! it took me forever to realize that i could not create it unless i allowed full access to my SQL server to it without a password or username, and that PHP 5.x does not work with phpBB. So i had to downgrade to PHP 4.3.x to set it up.

*IMPORTANT: The forum doesnt work right, when you go to sign up its supposed to send you a confirmation email but i dont have a email server set up properly with it, my ISP's wont work, i need to make my own to use it. This means you have to leave me a message in the public forum telling me your username and tell me to activate your account.

November 10, 2004:

Update: Redesigned Private Fileshare file structure to accommodate my new Private Upload page. Now privileged users that have access to my uploads folder are able to upload their files to my folder, which can be accessed in my Private Fileshare as well. I now also have a Public Image Hosting section where you can upload images you want to be able to access from outside websites, i have disallowed direct external linking to all picture and application files on this website to prevent bandwidth theft, and so my Public Image Hosting is a place where you can upload files you wish to be able to link from other websites, or to not have to log in to access. Since this server runs on a computer that changes its IP address every time it restarts, i highly recommend you do not rely on my image hosting to view your pics from other websites, since all links you make to them will become dead as soon as i change my IP address, since i dont have a domain name yet, as this would cost me money.

But check it all out anyways, its pretty cool stuff!

November 8, 2004:

Update: After optimizing my php hit-logger and counter, i decided i wanted to screw around with the actual webserver features a bit, and not only did i improve my security alot, but i found out how to add an authentication system, and i now have a password protected Private Fileshare to show for it. My server is faster now because it doesnt have .htaccess files in most of the folders anymore, only in special places now, so its all integrated into my server config file. My Private Fileshare has all my music and apps linked symbolically from my other hard drive, and since you need a password to get in, im not gonna get "shut down" for hosting stuff to the public, because it is private data, but not too public. Drop me a line in my guestbook and i will give you access if you like.

November 4, 2004:

Update: Converted most of my pages to accept dynamic php functions, although i am still learning it, im sure ill get the hang of it eventually. My jokes section is now accessible, but not very full needless to say, but my funny pics page is not bad. I accept no responsibility for this content, if it offends you you shouldnt have looked at it, if you believe it was stolen off another website, consider it a favour that i am not wasting their bandwidth by linking to it, and remember that i am making no profit off of these pictures, and since i do not claim they are mine, youve got nothin! HA! Take that!
*Also updated my counter so that it uses cookies to determine if you have visited in the last hour (provided you dont delete my cookie), or are accessing the site from the server, in each case, the hit isnt counted! this means now that my counter is 100% legit, and has not been altered by me, all hits are external, and i have the logfiles to prove it :p

November 3, 2004:
Massive Update and Relocation

Update: Picked this website entirely off of my previous web hosting location,, and decided to restructure it entirely, my Security site is now only a small subset of my website now instead of the main focus. Im thinking of hosting the site of my computer, or possibly a better free web hosting location instead. All previous News entries have been wiped as a result of the almost entire restructuring of the site. Although not much really has changed for design, since the site is much more complete than it first was i actually see it as a real website now, and so the minor updates i made every time i added a new page seem kinda useless, especially since those updates would now belong solely on the Security site. The security site related News articles will remain intact i guess.

July 21, 2003:
This website first opened today. Previously i have had many websites before, but the one that spawned this one did not come about until this day. My new future plans are to try and integrate all my websites that are about different topics into one unified and easy to administrate centrol location, which i could probably host off my computer better than those free hosting places, GeoCities, AngelFire, 50Megs, ever did.
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