Warning: Projects under construction!

This is where you can find the latest and greatest hare-brained schemes i have been planning on creating, working on, etc.

Introducing Ramble! Chat - a brand new chatroom system using the power of AJAX and PHP, written by me! not done yet at the moment, but improving every day! Check it out now!

Download Center - A fully functional file management system that lets users look at my download index and find a perticular file theyre looking for, program, or utility. it integrates with my login system and so i am able to offer special content to privileged users if i wish, or share files i dont want to be available to the general public, etc. Will be complete with statistics such as number of downloads, user ratings, full descriptions, and even enabling users to give reviews of the downloads if they wish! I have yet to implement the pages that let you read user reviews, but besides that everything should be pretty much complete. care to see it in action?

AJAX SHA256 Login - A demo of my new method for ensuring almost perfect secure login system. This project demonstrates the how the use of AJAX and the sha256.js library can ensure a secure authentication method to any plain-text HTTP web server, which in itself, is almost entirely invulnerable to any form of session hijacking, packet sniffing, or brute force password cracker attacks.

The only caveat is that you would have to ensure nobody is packet sniffing your connection when you create an account, as the lack of an SSL-secured connection on the hosting server would mean that one could, in theory, defeat this method with packet sniffing. This is only true if you are being packet sniffed upon creation of the account. However, anyone who is having their traffic logged by packet sniffers probably shouldnt be expecting 100% privacy when they log into sites anyhow.

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